Worldwide Formwork Shipping — Доставка опалубки, балки и лесов по всему миру

«Opalubochnye Systemy» Factory ships loads throughout the Europe and around the world. Our international shipping experience includes, but is not limited to:Europe, Asia, Arabian World, Africa and even Australia. We deliver small and medium-sized orders to the Russia and CIS area on our own trucks. For larger or non-local orders, we utilize several trusted and proven freight brokers to see that orders arrive to our customers’ yards or jobsites expeditiously. We also have extensive experience loading intermodal containers for international or domestic shipment.

Worldwide Formwork Shipping - Доставка опалубки, балки и лесов по всему миру


This formwork system is suitable for horizontal, inclined and horizontal monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures. System — collapsible, multi-purpose, inventory, steel. It meets the requirements of class 1 accuracy. All elements are produced on modern robotic equipment in PSK Formwork Factory

  • The maximum height of the tower assembly — 12,3 m.
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity — 44.3 kN.
  • PSK-Top system provides the possibility of rapid installation in vertical and horizontal position.
  • Guaranteed corrosion protection — powder-coated, hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Quick installation is guaranteed due to low weight of the individual elements
  • Base Frame: 17 kg / Drilling Frame: 7 kg.
  • Convenient packaging elements facilitates the logistics and delivery of any volumes of formwork
  • The system is ideal for use in complex structures, including bridges and stadiums

PSK-Top can be used for big heights and high loads: safe load transfer to the ground

Staple Tower PSK-TOP consists of only 5 elements. In some cases, PSK-Top Stacking Tower can work without diagonals, then only 4 elements are enough.

Easy and simple assembly without bolts or pins — without any tools at all. The stacking frame weighs less than 7 kg which facilitates ergonomic and fast assembly.

Due to accessories preparation will not be carried out and the tower can be installed by a single worker, time and labour force are saved.

Completely Russian production ensures low cost and high quality steel.

PSK-Top is the efficient shoring system with few system parts.

After installation towers can be transported by crane.

System is dipping painted and also hot dip galvanizing is possible upon request.

In case of transporting with crane, for security, base-head spindles are fixed to scaffold system and desired rigidity is sustained with diagonal components.

Worldwide Formwork Shipping - Доставка опалубки, балки и лесов по всему миру
Quick installation is guaranteed due to low weight of the individual elements. Base Frame: 17 kg / Drilling Frame: 7 kg.


Deck form PSK-CUP is multipurpose system used as the shuttering support for monolithic and composite house building, at bridges construction, industrial and civil objects. It combines the functions of deck form and scaffolding.

Bearing capacity of every deck form rack in case of dismantling with the use of horizontals with an  interval of 0.5 m is 6.125 t.

Universal deck form PSK-CUP can be used at mass construction with the use of small and big mechanization. The strict execution of shuttering calculation under the preliminary provided drawings allows its convenience, universality and optimal reuse.

The deck form PSK-CUP corresponds to the space frame which forms the rigid frame without joints which does not require additional stabilization by diagonal connections in most cases (see Figure 1).

It is assembled from the tubular members: vertical and horizontal, lower threaded lifting jacks and upper threaded uniforks, connection elements, it may be completed with fixation elements.

Vertical elements are the basic bearing components of the framework on vertical plane. There are six basic dimension. They are joined with the help of connection elements according to the principle “tube-in-tube”.

In every 500 mm the vertical elements have welded cup connections – “lower cup” produced from the high-quality steel, with the attached mobile cups – “upper cup” produced from ductile casting. They provide support for horizontal elements (see Figure 3). The lowest cup of vertical element is at a distance of 80 mm.

The horizontal elements provide the framework rigidity. They have the forged tips in the form of feathers, identical to the lower and upper cups, with minimal extension in order to avoid damage. Every tip is attached to the vertical element with the help of cup connection. The lowest cup of vertical element is at a distance of 80 mm from the base.

Worldwide Formwork Shipping - Доставка опалубки, балки и лесов по всему миру

Steel Formwork Delta

PSK-DELTA system is well suited for both simple and composite structures. So, the use of PSK-DELTA shuttering is always cost-effective while in situ concrete works are substantially sped up. This is realized through the structural features of a panel frame, lock and components. The panel design makes it possible to conduct in concrete works without limiting the speed of concrete casting up to the height of 3 meters. The robot-aided fabrication workshop ensures perfect geometry of shuttering panels.

• Wall formwork

• Column formwork Column formwork

• Universal formwork

• Radial wall formwork

• Foundation formwork

Steel closed section 120×60 mm with polymer powder coating and robust section-shaped cross bars provide high torsion strength and a bearing capacity of the shuttering of up to 90 kN/m2. This formwork is produced according to GOST R52085-200 and complies with grade 1, which is approved by a certificate of conformity.

The system uses a universal lock (EUstadard) providing the single connecting part and ensuring

coherence, evenness and tightness of connection.

An opening for a tension bar has a conical shape, which enables moving the tension bar at an angle of 4° whatsoever right and left and facilitates cleaning from concrete; a taper sleeve is made of steel. The tension bar diameter may be up to 20 mm.

The frame features openings for handling.

On the frame, an 18 mm birch plywood is installed featuring enhanced water resistance and a density of the laminating layer of 220 g/m2, which ensures long life and high quality of the concrete surface.

Delta formwork is produced using state-of-art robot-aided equipment.

The frame is coated with powder coating in coater rooms at a temperature of 300°C, which increases the formwork life and facilitates cleaning from concrete.

1. 3-mm thick 120×60 mm steel closed section with polymer powder coating and robust sectionshaped cross bars ensure high torsion strength of PSK-DELTA shuttering and its bearing capacity of up to 90 kN/m2.

2. Easy and quick connection of shuttering panels. Thanks to a special section mounted around the perimeter of the shuttering panel, you can place a universal lock at any point making it possible to create vertical shifts of the shuttering panels.

3. Easy mounting of drawbolts owing to large taper sleeves. You can use drawbolts of up to 20.0 mm in diameter.

4. Openings for transportation enable fast handling.

5. Birch plywood of an increased water resistance and thickness of 18 mm coated with laminate of the 220 g/m2 density ensures long life and high quality of the concrete surface.

6. Mounting handle (optional)

Worldwide Formwork Shipping - Доставка опалубки, балки и лесов по всему миру


The best solution for big ares. The slabs formwork on the desk helps to speed up the working process. Thanks to universal elements it can be used for different requirements at the construction site.

The main components of the system are props.

The main technical features of telescopic racks:

• working ranges height along allow tying-in to projects of any complexity

• tower load carrying capacity can vary from 1 up to 3 tons

• foundation nut is made of wrought iron recommended by European institutions for use at   

   high shock loads in construction

Shuttering telescopic racks are designed to support horizontal shuttering liners when casting bridgings and use as temporary supports for fixing the horizontal elements during mounting and dismantling of various structures.

All products are subject to strict technical inspection and mechanical strength tests in the certification system of Russian GosStandart.

Set of different height along supporting telescopic racks allows performing in situ concrete works at any heights of up to 5.3 m. The main factor, indicating the rack quality and workability, is time and customer satisfaction reviews.

Constant customer feedback allows maintaining high quality and responding to market demands  flexibly.

This suggests that our racks are the flagship at Russian construction market both in quality/price ratio and on service life


Tavr beams are designated for application as a bearing element of wall shuttering. They are used as a shuttering element of vertical loads during enforcement mounting as well as within the period of preparation and production of monolithic reinforced concrete structures.

High load-bearing capacity of our beams allows large spans that helps to reduce the quantity of beams used.

Using the beam is the only solution to make complicated constructions and non-standard shapes.

The main advantage of our beam is that it is supplied with plastic caps that helps to protect the beam from damages and prolongs it`s service life.

Warranty period is 40 cycles.

Wooden flanges of our beam are made of oriented wood substance of UPM company production. Plywood wall made of Finnish Group UPM is 24 mm wide with the length of up to 3 meters which is produced of undisturbed strip. During production for length of over 3 meters beam wall is interlocked with a quality longitudinal pin (3 cm). All the beam components are supplied by the producers certified in accordance with FSC system. Following its characteristics our beam is in the same row with the world leader producers of timber beam.

Technical parameters:

 — weight per linear meter 5 kg

 — shear force 11 kN

 — breaking point 9,5 kN

 — bending moment 5 kHm